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    Have Hair Replacement Systems Made Me More Inquisitive? | My Hair System Diary


    I bumped into someone recently at an event, who I hadn't seen for at least a year, and he looked different and was sporting a new hairstyle (or so I thought). After the small talk, it just came out of my mouth, "What happened to your hair?" As soon as I said this, I thought, I shouldn't have said that, so I quickly said that I was asking as I had been battling with hair loss and was wearing a hair system at the moment. Our conversation was then easily swayed to me, but I was blown away by the sheer confidence this person had and what he was about to tell me.


    Is there a thought process for wearing a hair replacement system?



    I'll get to those details in a moment, but I want to make the point that in reflection on my interaction, It got me thinking about how I can keep going for the long term to be positive and not so shy about wearing my hair system. Sure, in the early days of changing my look with the system (which wasn't so much a drastic change), there were a few conscious skills to learn: how to shy away from any talk about my hair, how to stop someone from running fingers through my hair, and how to be confident with the hair system. These skills seemed to be more essential, and my learning took some time. It's an integral part of the process to observe the surroundings. I moved from the stress and worry of the light beating down on my shiny scalp down to not worrying about the light - thanks to my hair replacement system. I thought my only job was to hold all topics of talking about my hair at a large distance from arm's length, and I thought I was in for a long, arduous journey. Whether someone wants to talk about their hair loss, less or not, at some point, be ready for your lightbulb moment.


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    Is this the lightbulb moment in wearing a hair system?



    Going back to the encounter, which was a lightbulb moment for me. The person I was talking to turned around, and showed me the bald patches on the back of his head. He then went on to tell me that he suffered a lot of stress in the past year and started to lose his hair and then had a medical problem with a growth on the scalp. He explained he just left the hair he had and didn't want to shave it off. I was in awe of what I was hearing! I thought it was brave, that this person didn't really care about what others thought of his style. It was quite exhilarating to face this epiphany - of being so open about my hair loss and my hair system - because I could visually see someone else (or so I thought) going through a battle with hair loss.

    My learning here was to embrace it. To continue to work, and reshape my existence in the hair loss community, and to openly talk about it. Because what keeps me going for the long term is the vision of hair loss sufferers not being looked at or having others take a double look at them. This little encounter has got me thinking a lot about how confident I should be if I was talking to someone who was not experiencing any hair loss.


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