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    Hair Prosthetics – Meaning, Cost, Types & Everything Else

    Hair prosthesis is one of the most popular hair loss solutions and is widely used by people who suffer hair loss due to medical reasons. As non surgical hair loss treatment, hair prosthetics give you an instant change in looks at affordable price and are absolutely safe. To better understand all the aspects of hair prosthetics, let’s first gain deep clarity of its meaning


    Hair prosthetics - Meaning


    The term ‘hair prosthetics’ is used for custom wigs made especially for those who have lost their hair as a result of medical condition (like alopecia) or treatments (like chemotherapy). It is a hair piece made as per the requirements of an individual and suitable for sensitive skin of a patient.


    A hair prosthetics can be designed to cover either full head or customized depending on the hair loss area to treat dense or partial baldness. Cranial prosthesis helps protect disease-weakened immune systems from the sun and regulates body temperature. There is many types of hair prosthetics but generally speaking they could be classified into four types:


    • Lace hair systems
    • Skin hair systems
    • Lace and skin hair systems
    • Medical wigs



    To state simply, hair prosthetics is the same as hairpieces, hair systems, and toupees; the term is just popular amongst people who have lost their hair due to medical reasons.


    Medical conditions & hair prosthetics


    There are three types of hair loss that are relevant for hair prosthesis & it is very important to understand from which one you are suffering from and what it is exactly to make the right purchase. Below are the medical condition types for which hair prosthetics are widely searched:


    Alopecia - Alopecia is a medical condition responsible for hair loss. The most common form of alopecia is alopecia areata which is what many hair restoration treatments work to reverse. However, this condition can come in three forms, all impacting the body in various ways. These three types of hair loss include:


    a) Alopecia areata - The most common form of hair loss problem. With this condition, hair loss will occur on the scalp in the form of round patches.

    b) Alopecia totalis - This form of hair loss results in complete baldness as all the hair on the scalp are impacted.

    c) Alopecia universalis - This condition is the most severe, where hair loss occurs not just on the scalp but also all over the body. best men's hair replacement


    Trichotillomania - Trichotillomania is also called hair-pulling disorder. It is a mental disorder that involves irresistible urge to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body. This medical condition type requires hair prosthetics.


    Chemotherapy - Chemotherapy is usually associated with drugs and treatments to cure cancer. Chemotherapy is also known as chemo in short and it results in hair loss. The same triggers the search for hair prosthesis for chemo patients. Check out top 5 real hair wigs for cancer patients.



    Hair prosthesis – Types and details


    There are different types of hair prosthetics and thus different types of materials are used to create them. Some of the most popular hair prosthesis to treat partial and complete baldness are:



    Lace hair systems or hair prosthetics are breathable and so are particularly suitable for people who live in hot and humid climates or people who like doing sports and therefore sweat often. These hair prosthetics are more durable and doesn’t require frequent maintenance. Lace based hair prosthetics are also less realistic in comparison to skin hair systems.   





    The champion hair system is one of the finest men’s hair prostheses available in our catalog. It has an 8'' x 10” full French lace base which is extremely breathable and lightweight. Stitching lines all around the base make it durable and keeps the Champion hair system in perfect shape and retains contour. 


    Champion hair prosthesis for men carries high-quality human hair in medium-light hair density. This hairpiece is available in more than 35 unique shades and has a hair length of 5”. Shop this unique hair prosthesis to recover from chronic hair loss.


    Skin hairpieces or hair prosthesis are made of a special kind of glue. The thickness of the skin hair piece is changeable with the thinnest skin being only 0.03mm. It is therefore the most natural skin based hair prosthetics. If you want to have a durable skin hairpiece, then the skin needs to be thicker. The thicker it is, the more durable it will be.


    Skin hair systems or hair prosthetics are suitable for people who live in colder places or for people who don't like to do sports or sweat less sweat.




    As the name suggests, UTS is a hair prosthesis that comes with a transparent ultra-thin (0.03mm) skin base. It's highly breathable, light-weight, and comfortable to wear. This hairpiece has a natural front hairline that gives men the appearance of hair coming out of the scalp.


    100% Indian human hair is V-looped all over the base of UTS hair prosthesis which makes it knotless and gives strands the power of free styling. Available in more than 23 hair colors, UTS men’s hair system has a hair length of 5-6 inches, and medium-light hair density. Buy this unique hair prosthesis to recover from temporary as well as permanent hair loss.


    Medical Wigs

    Medical hair systems are for people who have diseases like leukemia and cannot use glue on their heads due to sensitive skin or medical condition. Medical hair systems are designed specifically with the disease in question and customized to fit patient’s comfort. Hair prosthetics for alopecia are also widely search using the same term.


    Lordhair’s medical hairpieces have gained immense popularity among patients and families in the past decade. The base of these hair prostheses is designed using a refined material that’s soothing to the sensitive skin of recovering patients. Not to mention, these medical hairpieces are breathable, durable, and lightweight.


    For hair strands, Lordhair has used high-quality hair that has undergone minimal chemical processing. It gives recovering patients a realistic appearance and make them feel as if they never lost their natural hair in the first place! Shop these unique wigs to aid psychological and emotional recovery triggered by hair loss related to medical conditions.

    Hair prosthetics - Cost & future


    Since hair prosthetics are highly customized and designed for sensitive skin, they require high quality materials to create. Designing full or partial hair prosthetics from scratch is time consuming as well and the same pushes up the cost. In short, hair prosthetics are costlier than regular wigs. Thankfully, hair system brands like Lordhair doing great work in bringing down the cost of hair prosthetics and have started the wave of affordable hair prosthesis & medical wigs for patients struggling with alopecia, cancer, leukemia, and Trichotillomania.  



    A survey of 3,000 men suffering from hair loss showed that young men have started to lose hair early in life. About 60% of people were found to start losing hair under the age of 25. Other surveys show that about a quarter of men have started to lose hair after turning 30.


    According to the data, about 50% of the world's male adult population suffers from hair loss and will require hair prosthetics or hair systems to treat it. The average incidence of hair loss is about 25%. Caucasians have a higher rate of hair loss than Asian people. Some experts believe that male baldness may be an inevitable trend of human evolution. A professor of dermatology in Germany even made a surprising prediction about men's hair. According to him, all adult men will become bald in 100 years. Well, that’s one hell of a data.  


    Other causes of hair loss


    Besides above mentioned hair loss conditions that require purchase of full or partial hair prosthetics, there are many other reasons behind hair loss. And it is very important to ascertain the reason of hair loss to make sure that you purchase the right hair prosthetics. Below are the wide range of factors that contribute to hair loss:


    1. Stress
    2. Genetics
    3. Medications
    4. Lack of sleep
    5. Hormonal imbalance
    6. Menopausal changes
    7. Poor diet and nutrition


    Hair loss can be reversed in some cases. If your hair loss –let’s say - is caused by lack of sleep and poor nutrition, you might be able to reverse your symptoms by sleeping for longer periods of time and ensuring that your body receives appropriate nutrition.


    Unfortunately hair loss is a condition that’s difficult to reverse on your own. For many, this can be a frustrating truth to digest. If you find yourself in a similar situation, know that you’re not alone and hair prosthetics are there to help you!


    Hair prosthetics – End note


    An expert from Japan believes that after hundreds of years, the vast majority of men will be bald and by that time, people with hair on their heads may be the odd people out. While future might be hairless, we are living in today and a bald head is a huge embarrassment at young age.


    Email us at support@lordhair.com to share your queries related to full or partial prosthetics for alopecia, cancer or any other aliment. Follow us on Instagram for updates on future blogs, hair care tips, and much more.