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    Hair Cloning to Recover From Hair Loss: Worth it or No?

    Do you know that about 25% of the men who suffer from male pattern baldness start experiencing damage before they reach 21? This is the reason why scientists and doctors are working hard to solve the hair loss puzzle. Hair cloning is the most recent technique that claims to be the silver bullet for baldness. But is there really potential in this new-age technique?

    Lordhair - globally trusted for men’s hairpieces - is here to list out everything about hair cloning. We will be talking about meaning, process, and risk associated with hair cloning. At the end of it all, we will also talk about another hair replacement solution that millions are benefiting from, risk-free. Let’s start!

    Hair cloning

    What is Hair Cloning?

    Also known as hair multiplication, hair cloning is a technique being hailed to treat androgenetic alopecia and common genetic hair loss in the next decade. The hair cloning technique is still in its early stages but multiple groups are working to make this hair recovery treatment a reality.

    Hair cloning is still in the testing phase and you may not be able to get this treatment for some years at least.

    What’s the Core Idea Behind Hair Cloning?

    Dermal papilla cells are responsible for baldness and many scientists are trying to find effective ways to replace them. Hair cloning is one of the techniques identified by scientists to cure hair loss caused by dermal papilla cells.

    For those wondering, hair cloning is currently in its early study stage and it is not available in the US and UK. Some believe that it will cost tens of thousands of dollars when it finally hits the market.

    Hair cloning
    How Does Hair Cloning Work?

    Hair cloning - like any other new-age treatment - is complex. Below is how hair cloning or multiplication works:

    Harvesting and banking follicles: To start this process, healthy and non-miniaturizing hair follicles are extracted from the area on the scalp that is still growing hair. The hair follicles that are taken out are cryogenically frozen for use at a later date.

    Multiplying cells: This part is crucial as it aims to produce enough viable follicles to cover the areas of hair loss. This is the cloning part where extracted hair follicles are taken to the lab and dermal papilla cells are isolated and multiplied.

    Follicles Reimplantation: This is the last and most important step of covering your bald scalp with new hair! The multiplied dermal papilla cells are injected back into the scalp region that has experienced damage. This is where things get tricky.

    Some scientists believe the hair cloning technique is complex as it is hard to get the old DNA out and put the new DNA in. The cells taken out by doctors may get broken and the chances of hair regrowth may fall.

    All in all, this is how hair cloning works!

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    How to Recover Hair Safely in 2024?

    Hair cloning will probably become available in the next decade. In case you have full fledged hair fall and damage now, toupee hair replacement systems can come handy. Millions of men searching for a quick and affordable hair loss recovery are choosing hair systems for risk-free recovery.

    Also known as hair hairpieces, units, and patches, toupee hair systems are trusted and worn by men from all across the globe. While lace hair systems and swiss hair systems are two of the most popular products in our catalog, feel free to browse our website to discover more options.

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    Recover from Hair Loss with Lordhair

    We hope that the above blog helped you learn everything about hair cloning and other affordable hair loss recovery options available. If you are looking for a risk-free hair recovery that delivers instant results, we recommend checking out our collection of men’s wigs on sale.

    Got any queries to ask? Contact us today to get them answered by our hair experts.