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    Celebrity Hair Loss: Did Dean Martin Wear a Hairpiece?


    Who Was Dean Martin?

    Dean Martin, the iconic American singer, actor, and comedian, remains a beloved figure in the annals of entertainment history. Born in Steubenville, Ohio, in 1917, Martin's journey began as a nightclub singer in the 1940s before he catapulted to stardom in Hollywood during the 1950s.

    Affectionately known as the "King of Cool," Martin not only captivated audiences with his talents but also left an indelible mark with his signature hairstyle, an integral part of his unmistakable image. From his slicked-back pompadour to his wavy coiffure, his hairstyles were widely emulated and served as an inspiration for men's fashion during his era.

    Nevertheless, the question that has long intrigued fans revolves around whether Dean Martin's hair was au naturel or whether he relied on a

    men's hair pieces to enhance his appearance. While some assert that his hair was entirely his own, others maintain that he may have embraced a hairpiece to perfect his iconic look.

    In this blog post, we'll unravel the mystery and examine the evidence to definitively answer the question: Did Dean Martin wear a hairpiece?


    Dean Martin classic hairstyle


    Dean Martin’s Hairstyles Over the Years

    Dean Martin's iconic hairstyles have left a lasting impression and remain a source of inspiration for contemporary men's hair trends. From the timeless pompadour to the suave side part, Martin's diverse array of haircuts embodied style and ease. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, he effortlessly donned various hairstyles that epitomized the essence of cool.

    Before we address the question of whether Dean Martin wore a hairpiece, let's first examine some of his most renowned haircuts.


    • Pompadour Dean Martin, like many men in the 1950s, embraced the pompadour hairstyle. He often wore a slicked-back pompadour with a side part, complementing it with sharp suits and stylish sunglasses. Achieving this look requires generous hair gel application and careful combing to add height and volume.


    • Wavy Coiffure Another classic choice was the wavy coiffure, giving Dean Martin a naturally wavy appearance. This style involved combing the hair back for a deliberately messy yet refined appearance, embodying an effortlessly cool vibe. To achieve this, you can use a hair curler or rollers to create loose waves.


    • Side Part The side part, a timeless favorite, was frequently sported by Dean Martin. This look involved parting the hair to one side and combing it neatly, resulting in a polished appearance. The side part was versatile and suitable for both formal and casual occasions.


    • Slicked-Back The slicked-back style, prevalent in the 1950s, was also in Dean Martin's repertoire. Achieved by slicking the hair back with hair gel and combing it into place, the slicked-back look was adaptable and suited both formal and casual attire.


    Did Dean Martin Actually Wear a Hairpiece?

    Persistent rumors have circulated within the entertainment world of Hollywood, suggesting that the legendary performer, Dean Martin, relied on a hairpiece.

    Despite these speculations, it's crucial to set the record straight – Dean Martin's signature hairstyles were entirely authentic. He sported a naturally impressive head of hair throughout his life, devoid of any artificial enhancements.

    The sheer volume, texture, and impeccable style of Martin's hair often left many incredulous. Some may have theorized that he underwent hair transplantation or employed special hair products to maintain his luxurious locks, unable to fathom that he bore no signs of male pattern baldness.

    The credit for Martin's iconic hairstyles goes to skilled stylists who adeptly manipulated his natural hair. Their expertise involved techniques such as using hair gel, blow-drying, and curling to achieve his desired looks. While Dean Martin embraced the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, he always remained true to his roots, and his natural hair remained a source of pride for him.


    How to Get Hair Like Dean Martin

    For enthusiasts of Dean Martin's timeless style who aspire to replicate his iconic look, there are several avenues to explore. Below, we offer tips and suggestions to kick-start your journey:


    Achieve the right hair length

    To emulate Dean Martin's iconic hairstyle, let your hair on the crown and forehead grow to around six to seven inches. Natural hair growth is uniform across the head, but for a polished appearance, you should maintain a contrast in length. Regularly trim or taper the sides and back. Once the top and front hair reach seven inches, it's time for the Dean Martin cut.


    Consult a skilled hairstylist

    To master the Dean Martin look, it's crucial to collaborate with an experienced hairstylist who can replicate the style based on reference photos. Bring a picture of Dean Martin's signature look to your stylist, entrust them with the cutting and styling, and watch the transformation unfold.

    For those seeking a hairpiece hairstyle reminiscent of Dean Martin, Lordhair's haircut service is the perfect solution. Just share a picture with us, and our experienced stylists, with over 15 years of expertise in cutting various hairstyles, will handle the rest. Choosing our haircut service means you will be able to pull off that signature Dean Martin look the moment you receive your Lordhair hairpiece.


    Opt for a pompadour with a flat forehead

    For individuals with flatter foreheads, a subtle pompadour can work wonders. Highlight Dean Martin's widow's peak and the soft side part while slightly styling the front of the forehead. This approach achieves a balanced and flattering appearance, preserving the charm of Dean Martin's signature hairstyle.

    Men’s hairpieces (also known as men’s human hair wigs, hair systems, hair units, and toupee ) can help achieve this style too if you're experiencing an unusual recession of your frontal hairline. The exact front contour - that is to say, the shape of the front of a hairpiece - plays a crucial role in defining your overall look. At Lordhair, we offer a selection of five front contours for you to choose from when placing a custom-made order. However, for a stock hair system, why not consider our Neo hair system and its A front contour since that has a more recessed hairline that is more in line with Dean Martin's hairline?


    The A front contour of the Lordhair Neo men's hairpiece


    Maintain your Dean Martin hair with mousse

    Once your stylist has recreated the Dean Martin look, avoid using wax, which can make your hair appear greasy and weigh it down. Hair gel or hairspray may leave your hair dry and lifeless. Instead, opt for mousse to impart a natural shine and keep your hair looking healthy and balanced. 


    Lordhair hair system wearer with a brushed-back hairstyle

    Get back your hair with all the style of Dean Martin with a Lordhair hair system!


    Did Dean Martin Wear a Hairpiece? Conclusion

    Dean Martin remains an enduring icon, leaving an indelible mark with his timeless voice and image, captivating fans for nearly half a century. His steadfast hairstyle has fueled speculations about the use of hairpieces, yet no concrete evidence surfaced before his passing. The Dean Martin hairpiece rumor continues to intrigue.

    For devoted Dean Martin enthusiasts aspiring to emulate his hairstyle, a skilled stylist can make it easily achievable. Hairpieces offer a convenient solution for those lacking sufficient hair on the crown or forehead. They are painless, non-allergenic, and provide an ideal remedy for those dealing with hair loss.

    Achieve the timeless appeal of Dean Martin's hairstyle with modern hair systems. Contact Lordhair today and let us give you your style back!


    Art mural of signature Dean Martin hairstyle






    Photo credits:

    Dean Martin - 60s by Movie-Fan is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

    Dean Martin by San Sharma is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0