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    Lordhair Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Salons

    What to Do About Customer No-Shows for Salons and Barbers

    What to Do About Customer No-Shows for Salons and Barbers Don't let money lost from client no-shows add up - how to avoid losses. If you are a small salon, no-shows can have a massive impact on your yearly earnings. Use these tips to avoid or mitigate potential losses from no-shows.

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    Top Podcasts Salon & Barber Owners Should Listen To

    Best Salon Podcasts for Toupee Barbers and Salons with Wig Services. Podcasts are a an increasingly popular form of gaining information and learning something new on the go. They are also perfect for keeping up with industry related news. Here are our top picks! 

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    Quick Guide for Salons New to Hair Systems

    Some salons have many years experience in hairdressing and barbering, but are themselves new to the world of hair systems. With a rise in demand for hair systems, mainly due to rising incomes, improvements in craftsmanship of toupees and a reduction in the cost of producing them - toupees are becoming evermore popular. We have created this quick checklist guide of what you want to know when it comes to hair system learning. Here is our mini-guide on how to get started with offering hair systems services. 

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    3 Top Tips for Modern Salon Owners in 2022

    Don't let yourself be drowned out amongst the many salons in your area. Get a step ahead in the salon game by learning how to manage your salon effectively, gain interest from near and far and learn how leverage your Lordhair partnership. These are our three tips to bring your salon into the 21st century and help lift weight off your shoulders in running your salon business. Read on for our top tips for modern salons.

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    Top Toupee Supplies: Hair System Must-have Accessories for Stylists

    Here are 3 accessories you can’t be without as a hair system stylist to get that perfect fit. We are not going to talk about tapes or glues in this list, since they are an integral necessity in fitting hair systems. We will present the top three you need in your toupee supplies arsenal when fitting men’s hair systems.

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    Why Salon Professionals Should Join LinkedIn

    Linkedin is just a job search platform, right? WRONG! You can leverage Linkedin to find opportunities to market your salon, meet others in the industry and find new opportunities in the industry. Aside from creating a serious and professional image, you can reap the following benefits.

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    How to Organize Hair System Toupee Salon Appointments

    How to Organize your Salon Appointments for Hair System Stylists Are you struggling to keep on top of your appointments and want a way to automate everything, leaving you to worry only about the cutting and styling hair systems and toupees? Taking advantage of the abundance of management tools and apps available in helping your schedule salon appointments is a no-brainer. Let us guide you through our top 2 picks, so you can concentrate on what’s important!

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