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    5 Hair Weaves for Men to Fight Baldness and Hair Thinning

    Hair weaves for men are widely recommended to fight balding and hair thinning since they promise comfort, natural look, and affordability without any associated risks. However, men often have a hard time selecting the best hair weave for their hair goals. In this blog, Lordhair will list five hair weaves for men from our catalog that are helping men overcome baldness and hair thinning across the globe. Stock hairpieces may not be the best match for every man so that is why we are also going to share a few custom-made hair weaves too. Choose one of these wigs for men to get back your lost hair confidence!


    Champion Afro hair weave 


    African-American men experiencing hair thinning should check out our Champion Afro hair weave. Made with a full French lace base, this stock hairpiece is highly realistic and breathable not to mention very lightweight. This makes the Champion Afro a great pick for men who love to exercise and do sports or live in hot climates. This ‘man weave’ has 100% natural Chinese hair with a 4mm curl and a hair length of 6”. The hair density is medium-light to medium. It has a base size of 8” x 10”. What makes this weave for men extraordinary is its light-weight. The Champion Afro hair weave is available in two hair colors and costs US$219.


    Hair weaves for men


    Quantum Afro hair weave for men


    Another top-selling hair weave popular for fighting baldness and hair thinning is the Quantum Afro. The base design of this man weave is exactly the same as our Quantum stock hairpiece. The only difference is its 6-inch Afro hair which makes this hairpiece ideal for African American men. The density is medium-light to medium density. 


    The 8” x 10” base of our Quantum Afro hairpiece is made up of French lace on the top and the front and transparent thin skin on the back and sides. That gives you a light, airy and undetectable hairpiece that is easy to clean and attach. This stock hair weave for men is yours for just US$219. 


    Man weaves


    Now, we’re going to introduce some of our custom-made hair weaves for men. The beauty of custom-made hair weaves is that you are in complete control of the whole design process. What you see below are just examples of Afro hairpieces that we can do and what we have done for previous customers.


    YJ153: French lace and PU hair weave


    This custom hair weave for men has a lightweight and airy French lace base that is also highly natural. The PU running around the back and sides is a popular feature for many because not only does it add strength to the base, it also makes the application process much easier as PU is a more practical surface on which to apply or remove tape or glue.


    The YJ153 has a starting price of $199 but the exact price will depend on how you choose to customize the hair weave.


    JQ445: Full French lace hair weave


    This custom man weave has a classic full French lace base that makes it an ideal choice for African American men trying to overcome thinning hair and balding. The whole base has a light and airy feel to it and you are assured of a high level of realism. You can see that the base of this hair system extends down to the temple area but the base can be made to the exact pattern of your hair loss.


    Hair weaves for men 


    All other features of this full lace man weave can be customized too and that will affect the final price but the starting piece for the JQ445 is $199.


    JQ1646: French lace hair system for men


    Here is another hair weave that will feel really light on your head. Again, this hair weave has an ever-popular full French lace base to give you an undetectable look. What makes the lace base different is the stitching lines that run all over the base. French lace is a fine, delicate material but these stitching lines strengthen the base as well as help it to keep its natural shape and contour.


     Man weaves


    The JQ1646 hair weave for men has a starting price of $199 and the final price will depend on how you choose to customize it. We recommend regular Chinese hair because that is better suited to the curl pattern of Afro hair but you can choose from other types of hair.


    Shop hair weaves for men 


    One of the advantages that Lordhair can offer is that we can customize any hair weave to your exact specifications as we have already mentioned. So, don’t feel restricted by the selection of hair weaves you see here in this blog. We can add Afro hair to any base design so browse our custom hair systems and once you’ve settled on the best base design select ‘Afro hair’ to create that perfect Afro man weave for yourself! Choose your hair by choosing the curl and wave that best matches your own hair or desired look. 4mm will give you Afro-kink curls whilst 15mm is loose curls. Our customer service team will be happy to help you find the most appropriate weave and you can also just choose to have one of the stock hairpieces customized to your specifications.


    The hair weaves for men in this blog are just the Afro hair systems that we have listed in our hair system catalog. Discuss your hair loss condition or your hairpiece needs before making a final choice by sending an email to support@lordhair.com to connect with our team of hair experts!