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TFree Afro


African American Men’s Hair System with TFree Base

Shipment takes place within 3-5 working days generally. 

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  • 9 inches x 11 inches
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  • 10 inches x 11 inches

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  • 4mm medium Afro
  • 6mm loose Afro
  • 8mm extra-loose Afro

Kindly note that for orders including hair-cutting services, shipping will be about 7 days after your order is completed.

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This base is Korean lace with PU Perimeter, you can choose 4mm, 6mm and 8mm curl.

As Lordhair is becoming more and more well-known and recognized among hair system wearers across the globe, there has been an increasingly amount of users in the need of men’s hairpieces with a special hairstyle called Afro, which is particularly popular and commonly seen in the African-American community.That is why we have decided to include it in our men’s hair system catalogue.

Coming with a wide variety of base designs with different features and characteristics to choose from, the hair of this hair wig got nicely curled into thousands of remarkably tight and dense curls in a full evenly rounded shape.

So it appears extremely realistic with the naturally bushy frizzy hair all over, making for a fantastic fashion look of vibrancy and youthfulness!

When selecting the base design, it’s recommended to keep in mind the things you expect your hair system to bring about and follow your own needs and preferences concerning base design features.


Base Design

Korean lace with PU Perimeter

Base Size 9’’ x 11’’, 10’’ x 10’’, 10’’ x 11’’
Base Material Color Flesh
Front Contour Standard A shape
Colors Available #1
Hair Length 5"
Hair Density Medium 
Hair Type 100% Human hair
Curl & Wave 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
Delivery Shipment takes place within 3-5 working days generally. If you need us to cut base size or hair before shipment, then takes longer time, usually needs additional 3 working days.
Kind Reminder

When you receive the order, if you find there is any problem or you are unhappy with the unit, please do not have the unit cut, styled, colored or washed, but contact us instead. Lordhair customer service will discuss with you and try to exchange a perfect one. Rest assured that we guarantee a 30-day return if the hairpiece is not cut, styled, washed, colored or used.

If you ask us to cut the base size, cut the hair length, or make any alteration to the stock system before shipment, it cannot be returned for a refund.

Please cut the extra skin in front before you attach the hairpiece to your head.

Click Here to watch the same base Tfree-A.

TFree-A: Surrounded by a loop of PU skin, the Korean lace top of this hairpiece is known for being extremely soft and light. The PU skin perimeter makes attachment extremely easy and convenient, aside from solidifying the structure of the base to ensure its long lifespan!


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