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Skin-E | Thin Skin Men’s Hairpiece with Fine Mono Top

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Skin-E:Being one of the most durable men’s hairpieces in the market, the Skin-E has been enjoying continuous popularity among those in favor of the hair wigs that are good value for money. The top of this hair system is made of a very solid and breathable woven material called fine mono that in addition to feeling very comfortable and light, gives rise to its longer duration in comparison to most other hairpieces in the market.
The thin skin surrounding the fine mono top plays a significant role of solidifying the whole shape and structure of this system, further adding to its duration and resistance to tearing and fraying. What is more appealing is the ease of use it brings to the wearers by making both glue and tape compatible for attachment for the user-friendly purpose.
With different levels of substantial amount of grey hair mixed in this hair system, it’s thought to be an especially ideal option for the middle-aged and elderly users.

 Base Design

Fine mono top surrounded by thin skin

 Base Size
  Base Material Color  Flesh
  Front Contour Standard A shape
Colors Available  #365,#440
 Hair Length  5" 
 Hair Density  Medium
  Hair Type  Human hair(grey is synthetic)
 Curl & Wave  36 mm
Hair Direction Freestyle
Bleach Knots No Bleach knots 

Durable, breathable, user-friendly, can be styled freely

Delivery Shipment takes place within 24 hours generally. If you need to cut the base size or pre-cut hair length before shipment, then takes longer time, usually needs additional 3 working days.
Kind Reminder

This hair system cannot be returned for a refund or replacement since it is an off-price commodity 


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