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French Lace with Super Thin Skin Perimeter Hair Replacement System


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French Lace with PU on Back and Sides Men’s Hair System


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Fine Welded Mono with PU and French Lace Front Hair Replacement System


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French Lace with Scalloped Poly Coat Men’s Hair System


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Make Hair Systems an Easy Choice

Don’t let hair be an obstacle to your life. Hair systems really are the quick and easy way to getting your hair back. At Lordhair, we strive to make hair systems an affordable and natural choice to give you the hair and confidence that you have been missing.

What is a custom-made hair system?

Yes, stock hair systems can reach you in under a week but for the ultimate hair system experience, look no further than a custom-made hair system from Lordhair.

Take control of the whole design process

Choose the exact hair color, hair density, hair type, base size and much more

In fact, customize everyaspect of your hair system

We will create the perfect hair system that is made to your specific wishes and needs!


Fine Mono Skin Perimeter Lace

Front Hair Replacement System

$269 | 2Pcs $100 OFF
  • L1

    PU Perimeter Fine Mono Men’s Human Hair Wig


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  • S4

    Super Fine Mono with Thin Skin and 1/8 Inch Lace Front Hair System for Men


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  • S12

    Super Thin Skin with Fine Welded Mono Front Hair Replacement System


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  • L7

    Skin Gauze Perimeter Fine Mono Hair Replacement System


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But remember, we can tailor any of these hair systems to your exact requirements. These hair systems can just give you some ideas about what is possible.

If you have any questions about customize hair systems, please let our professional assistant you. Or you can email our customer service:

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Customer Reviews

1 1


Product:     

Delivery:     

Aug 6, 2021


Thank you again- I am very happy with my new Hair.


CK ***ust

Product:     

Delivery:     

Aug 7, 2021

Mono silk topper

My custom hair topper arrived last week and I am extremely happy with it. It has a PU border with mono silk top base which looks very skin like from the top.The hair is super soft, high quality remy human hair and matches exactly to my bio hair. I wear it combed backwards like a pony topper blendin

2 3


Product:     

Delivery:     

Jul 24, 2021

Great Product

Absolutely great experience with the thin skin poly system from Lordhair. I have been purchasing their hair systems since 2018. My hair stylist said she could not believe it wasn't my own hair and if I hadn't told her she wouldn't have known. She also thought the color match was incredible. I s



Product:     

Delivery:     

Jul 9, 2021

System arrived as described

It took a little longer to arrive this time than previous purchases. I’m happy with the new system

3 5

Really durable

Product:     

Delivery:     

Jul 1, 2021

Really durable

Such a strong and durable hairpiece! Used for more than 4 month and nothing changed

4 6


Product:     

Delivery:     

Jun 7, 2021


This is the best of the best! The quality of the hair is top notch and lasts forever! The company is a pleasure to contact I’m in the UK and it usually arrives in like 6 days. Look nowhere else you won’t get better than here!



Product:     

Delivery:     

May 22, 2021

Very satisfied

compared to other manufacturers i received my order quickly and i was very satisfied with the quality.

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