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  • Aug.13 21:00
    How to maintain your hair systems the right way
  • Jul.23 21:00
    The best ways of attaching and removing different hair systems
  • Jul.30 21:00
    Should I wear a hair system?
  • Aug.6 21:00
    Things you MUST know before wearing a hair system
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I can't decide on a frontal piece, or a wig. Can you cover the question in your second live this Thursday? Tony L*****July 28, 2020
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For stock systems. How do you get over the fact that the french lace brace won’t fit the contour of you head? Aaron L*****July 28, 2020
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how long does it take to proceed with your orders regarding small men harpieces? LEONIDAS Z*****July 27, 2020
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