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  • How long will my hair system last?

    This is very difficult to answer as it depends on the base design of the hair system and how well the wearer looks after their hair system.

    In general, the more natural the appearance of the hair system, the shorter the lifespan.

    Here are the lifespans of certain types of hair systems for your reference:

    Hair Systems Lifespan
    0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair systems and Swiss lace hair systems 1-2 months
    0.06-0.08mm super thin skin hair systems and French lace hair systems 2-4 months
    0.10-0.15mm thin skin hair systems and mono hair systems 4-6 months
    NPU hair systems +6 months
  • Which is the most natural and durable hair system?

    No hair system can be both truly natural and durable. You will have to decide what is more important to you because the more natural the system looks, the less durable it is. If both realism and durability are important to you and you are considering a full thin skin hair system then you shouldn't opt for the thinnest skin and you shouldn't opt for the thickness skin either - you should consider a skin base with a medium thickness.

    Or, you might want to think about hair systems that combine different base materials and different characteristics.

    So, something like our Vigor model could be a good option because it has a hard-wearing fine mono top but a very realistic French lace front.

  • How do you attach a hair system?

    This is a skill that will require time and patience but it will get easier with time. The basic steps can be summarized as follows:

    1. 1. Shave the part of your head where you will wear your hair system and shampoo the scalp
    2. 2. Apply tape to the base of the hair system or glue to your scalp
    3. 3. Secure the hair system to your head

    We strongly recommend you check out the following pages for a more detailed understanding of the process.

    Lace hair systems Skin hair systems
  • How do you remove a hair system?

    Simply take some citrus-oil-based or alcohol-based solvent remover and spray it around the perimeter of the hair system or wherever you applied tape or glue. After a couple of minutes, the adhesive will loosen and you will then be able to remove your hair system.

    We recommend you check out these pages to learn more about attaching and removing lace and skin hair systems.

    Lace hair systems Skin hair systems

Customer Reviews

Review by Tom***********ski

Oct 10, 2021

Very good hairpiece

I received it very quickly. Managed to cut the hair myself and attached it to my scalp. All looks great. Already ordered a new one.

Review by Mar******eld

Sep 28, 2021

Nice quality and density

This is my first "Air " system The base material & hair feel great....the density is perfect for me,looks and feels good....just hope it last

Review by Wou*******erg

Sep 19, 2021

Very happy with it

realistic looking, easy cleanup, hair is soft and doesn't look dull

Review by Kei************art

Sep 23, 2021

Confidence Boost

These products will your confidence and change your life forever !

Review by Hou*******nno

Sep 20, 2021

Great service

Love to deal with you but you should have a variety in medium hair density units. Super service.

Review by Wou*******erg

Sep 19, 2021

Very realistic hairline

The hairline looks very realistic, even with the hair combed back and the hairline fully exposed. Was around friends and no one even noticed. The skin system is easier to clean than lace


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