What is Knot Sealer and How to Apply It


People who use lace hair systems often encounter hair shedding problems. Today we're introducing an easy method to reduce hair shedding – knot sealer. A Knot sealer is designed to coat the knot to help it stay tight on a lace hair system. It will help to prevent hair shedding and extend the lifespan of the lace system. Let’s see how to apply the knot sealer.


1. Apply knot sealer immediately after the lace hair system is cleaned but before it is re-fixed upon the head.


2. Turn your lace system inside out. Put it on top of a mannequin head. Stand 6-8 inches away from the mannequin and protect your eyes and nose from the liquid spray.


3. Spray one layer evenly over the lace surface area with approx. 10 pumps all around, concentrating at the hairline, top of the head, and nape of neck where people comb most often, and as a result lose more hair.


4. Wait for 5 minutes or so for the first layer to air dry.


5. Repeat the process with the second thin layer of the knot sealer.


6. Wait for 10 minutes for the second layer to air dry.


7. Now it’s done and the lace hair system can be reattached to the head.


If you rely on a hair care professional to apply your unit, be sure to provide them with your knot sealer and instructions on how to use it.


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