Stock Hair Systems with Grey Hair

In order to meet our customers’ needs, Lordhair keeps some stock hair toupees in some common dark colors, like #1B, #2, #3, #4, #18, etc.


Grey Percentage in a Hair System

Of course, some customers need some grey hair for their toupees, so we also have some stock with different percentages of grey hair. We state the grey hair percentage in the color code. For example, color #1B10, means hair color is #1B, with 10% grey hair. #410 means hair color is #4, with 10% grey hair. You can see the last two digits is the percentage of grey hair.


Synthetic Grey in a Hair System

The grey hair of our stock hair toupees is synthetic grey hair. Synthetic grey hair is soft and looks real. What’s most important is that synthetic grey hair won’t become yellow with the passing of time. It will stay grey even if you dye your hair system. Synthetic grey hair is used as commonly as real human hair. If the synthetic hair percentage is very high, you’d better not style it at a high temperature.


About Lordhair

Lordhair has been designing hairpiece toupees and wigs for more than a decade. Our wide range of hair replacement products brings real hair that guarantees a 100% natural look to men and women in 100+ countries. 

Our hairpieces for thinning crowns are breathable, long-lasting, and comfortable. Real human hair, world-class product quality, fast shipping, and unmatched support are the reasons why our collection of hair systems experiences a huge demand. No wonder, we have become a global name! 

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