Our Production Methods Stop Tangling

Some hair replacement wearers complain about poor quality, tangled hair. Some are promised their hair system is made from virgin and remy hair, but still tangles, why? Virgin hair's cuticle is intact and the hair runs in the same direction. It is then ventilated or knotted to the base. In both cases, there is a 2-3 inch return, or the end part of the hair. Hair cuticles running in the opposite direction cause the tangling especially if the hair is long; the return part causes tangling because the hair runs in the opposite direction. To avoid this, we follow these basic methoda: 1. Acid treatment to remove the cuticle on hair roots and the returning hair, while leaving the rest of the hair uncompromised in order to avoid tangling. 2. Acid treatment to remove the cuticle on all hair to avoid tangling. 3. Use cuticle intact hair to inject into the skin material: Injected hair will have no returned hair so no tangling is possible. 4. Use cuticle intact hair ro inject into the lace material (namely, injected lace or silk top) which also has no returned hair or tangling. In addition, V-looped hair must be 100% acid treated to remove the cuticle.


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