Ordering Tools for the Perfect Hair Replacement


Ordering a perfect hair replacement requires several details, such as the hair density, wave ,color and so on.  This may be the first time you are ordering a replacement system. Lord hair has several ordering tools for these new customers. The ordering tools can help you with the details.

1. Density Ring for Lordhair Best Hair Replacement

Normally, hair replacement density is noted as extra light, light, medium light, medium, medium heavy, heavy and extra heavy. Also, some customers or companies use percentage to show density.  But  different companies  use different hair replacement density percentage standards. The following is our toupee hair density percentage standard:

Extra Light—60%


Med Light—100%


Med Heavy—130%


Extra Heavy—180%

This toupee hair density percentage standard is general and most companies use this one. You can take it as reference. Meanwhile, in order to show the density, Lordhair has a density chart ring to show the density better.

2.  Wave Ring for Lordhair Hair Replacement

We can make 0.02cm--4.0cm waves.  You can measure the diameter of your own hair. Also, you can send your hair sample to us. Using this tool enables to identify the right wave for you. 

3. Color Ring for Lordhair Hair Replacement

For hair color, the customers can send us the hair sample. We can make the exact color for you. It is the best method.  If you aren't willing to send your hair sample, you can take our color ring for reference. 

Hope these ordering tools can help you find a system that suits you.


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