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Do you feel it's so expensive to order your hair replacement from Studio?  If yes, why not order it on line from factory directly and save thousands of dollars each year?  Difficult to order on line?  Don't know how to order and how to make choice?  No, it is so easy.  Just send in your old piece to us.  We can simply duplicate the new hair replacement and even better quality than your old one.  And we also can repair the old hair replacement system for you.  If you want to do any change on the old one, no problem, we can do.   After 6 weeks, then you will receive your new hair delivered to your hand. 

If you satisfied with the new hair replacement, it will be easier in future then.  Just click re-order on line, or email us simply, we will make new order for you then, as we have kept the information of your orders on file at our end. 
Don't hesitate to try.  You will love it after once try. 

You can send your old piece via airway mail to us.  You also can use our FedEx account with shipping cost collected to make shipment to us, with shipping cost of $30 for express delivery in 2-5 days.  Thanks to email us by info@lordhair.com if you need any more information.  We are always here happy to help.


  Email: support@lordhair.com

  Tel: +86 532 80828255

  WhatsApp: +8618678615507

  Skype: Lordhair


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