Pros and cons of non-surgical hair replacement is a hot topic of discussion and sometimes even argument. Having a lot of positives and scarcely any negatives, there is no denying the fact that non surgical hair replacement system is the ultimate solution for those struggling with hair-loss and baldness. 

Discovering the dearth of blogs, articles, and reference materials related to non surgical hair replacement pros-cons & maintenance on the Internet, our team of hair experts and specialists has decided to share some informative insights related to non surgical hair replacement positives, negatives, and maintenance cost that will help hair-loss sufferers make an informed decision.

Read on to learn about non surgical hair replacement pros & cons to see if non surgical hair replacement worth it or not:

Non surgical hair replacement – Major pros & advantages

Non-invasive hair solution

The major advantage of non surgical hair replacement is that it is non-invasive. The hair transplant methods bring along the surgical complications including risk of infections, scarring, and anaesthetic dangers which is not in the case of hair systems. Being a non-operative method, the hair replacement system saves you from the pain and other such risks.


Zero side effects

If a list of non surgical hair replacement side effects is made, it would turn out to be almost empty. Since it’s a non surgical procedure, it is not prone to any side effects. Apart from the very rare allergic reaction resulting from the use of low quality adhesive, there is a zero risk of any other medical problem. Having close to zero side effects is a major pro of non surgical hair replacement.


Instant results

Another major advantage of non surgical hair replacement system is that it bears instant results. Unlike surgical hair transplants or medications, you don't need to wait for up to 6 to 7 months to get visible results unlike hair transplant surgery. The application process is quick and simple and yields fast results without waiting. Major reason why hair system win the ‘non surgical hair replacement pros and cons’ battle.


 Hair System Before and After Look


Reversible in nature

Hair transplant surgeries are permanent. If you are not satisfied with the results of the surgery, there is hardly anything you can do about it. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of hair transplant surgery. Non-surgical hair replacement systems are completely temporary in nature and give complete control to your head. If you are not happy with your hair replacement system or don't like the results, you can easily change it or stop using one!


Guaranteed results

Non-surgical hair replacement yields guaranteed results. A non surgical hair replacement system works for everyone irrespective of the reasons behind their hair loss or the degree of their hair loss. While in some cases of voluminous hair loss, surgery may not be workable and even if it is possible, it may never be able to achieve the desired results. That is one of the most discussed disadvantages of hair transplant surgery.

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Not dependent on donor hair

Hair transplant is a surgical technique in which hair follicles from one part of the body, known as donor hair, are moved to a bald part of the body. In case of limited amount of healthy donor hair follicles or no donor hair at all, hair transplant surgery is nearly impossible. Non surgical hair replacement technique on the other hand is not reliable on the donor hair. It is the best option for people with no donor hair. So, non surgical hair replacement is totally worth it!



Affordable than surgery

One of the prime disadvantages of hair transplant surgery is high cost. A surgical hair transplant procedure can cost you up to $15,000 and if you are not satisfied with the results, another hair transplant is the only option, which doesn't sound very good unless you are a celebrity or abundantly rich. Moreover, this hair transplant is not secured by any insurance.

Cost of non surgical hair replacement is minimal in comparison. You don't need to spend more than $300 on average if you go for a non surgical hair replacement system from top quality hair systems supplier like Lordhair. This means affordability is a pro for non surgical hair replacement while con…doesn’t exist! 

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Limitless styling possibilities

Non surgical hair replacement systems come with no limits. You can get customized hair color, style, density, length or texture that you want. One of the major disadvantages of hair transplant surgery is that it offers you limited options. Moreover, hair replacement systems can work for nearly everyone, regardless of the cause of your hair loss, be it hereditary or because of medical reasons.


Best Price Hair Replacement Systems


Lightweight and comfortable

The latest non surgical hair replacement systems are lightweight and don't cause major headedness. They are comfortable to wear once you get used to them and do not interrupt your daily activities like gym and swimming. Not all hair systems are sweat friendly and water friendly. Lordhair’s range of non surgical hair replacement system however is. This further increases the worth of non surgical hair replacement systems.  


Non surgical hair replacement– Cons & Disadvantages

Timely Maintenance

Although hair systems have no medical risks whatsoever, non surgical hair replacement require maintenance and attention. Constant maintenance helps keep up with the natural effect and extends the lifespan of your hair system. Maintenance however is something that everything asks. Every hair transplants require a lifelong commitment to hair care.


Repeat buying

Non surgical hair replacement is not a one-time investment. Top quality hair replacement systems can last from 3-5 months if properly cared for but after that, a new unit purchase is required. So, the purchase is recurring in nature. That said, replacements of your hair system still cost less in the long run in comparison to risk hair surgery. So, this is a non surgical hair replacement con but still not a major one.   


Persistent haircuts

One of the minor disadvantages of non surgical hair replacement is created not by non surgical hair system but your natural hair. This case applies to wearers struggling with partial baldness. The natural hair continues to grow and need orderly haircuts and washing. Keeping a close-cropped hair cut handles this non surgical hair system con perfectly and changes it into a pro!


With just a couple of cons, non surgical hair replacement systems bring along plenty of pros and advantages. From cost to comfort, it is the best solution for those who suffer from heavy alopecia and want to get back a natural and undetectable look without surgery.


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