New Product Release – HS1 LIT


Happy New Year!


Customers have never stopped looking for more comfortable and natural looking hair systems. Lordhair has never stopped developing new products that are more comfortable and realistic. In the first work week of the New Year, Lordhair would like to introduce a new product to all our customers – HS1 LIT.

If you have ordered a HS1 from Lordhair, you would know how thin the skin base is and how strong the hair is knotted. As the most classic thin skin hair system, HS1 has become popular among many customers. Yet, some customers have been looking for thinner based skin hair systems for some time. After lots of experiments, Lordhair has successfully developed a thinner based thin skin hair system with knotted hair – HS1 LIT.


HS1 LIT is a light version of HS1, because the base of HS1 LIT is much thinner than HS1. The normal base thickness of classic HS1 is about 0.08mm, while the base thickness of HS1 LIT is only 0.04mm-0.06mm. The thin skin base of HS1 LIT looks more realistic and looks like a real human scalp. Like HS1, HS1 LIT has a front hairline with v-looped hair with no knot visibility.


Below are some pictures of the new hair product HS1 LIT. You can see that the base i thin enough to see a finger print through it. If you are interested in the product, please do not hesitate to contact us at



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