How to get invisible knots on your hair system


A hair system with invisible knots offers nice appearance and natural hairline. We usually get the invisible knots by bleaching them. In this article we would introduce the ways to get nice invisible knots.


Method one: Bleaching Knots.

Bleaching the knots at the roots of the hair with bleaching powder. This method can be used on lace and fine welded mono. French lace, Swiss lace, fine welded mono, super fine welded mono can be bleached well. The bleaching will remove the dark color making the knots looks invisible. Each single hair looks as if its growing from the scalp.

Method two: Dying hair after ventilation.


Dark color, especially black (jet black #1), is not easy to bleach. However custom orders often use these dark color, We would recommend this method.  Here we use light hair in the manufacturing process. After the process of ventilation,  we dye the hair into black color only leaving the hair root and the knots undyed. This method lessens the damage caused by  bleaching powder. You'll have the natural look and a really durable system.  

Check out the pictures below.





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