What is the number one most annoying this for hair replacement system wearers?
A detectable front hairline of course. Big black knots, a thick base edge and  straight line knotting.

Our factory usually offers the 4 following solutions:
1. Bleaching knots

After hair is knotted, the knots are visible, especially with dark hair. We apply a liquid bleach to the bottom side without hair, after the liquid seeps through mono/lace to the other side, the knots are bleached to a blonde color, which makes them undetectable.

Bleach knots can can only be attached to mono or lace with larger holes. These materials include: French lace, Swiss lace, Fine Welded Mono and German Net. Bleach knots are not available on the following materials: Poly, Fine Mono, Super Fine Mono, Silk Mono
If the hair color is too dark, like Jet black, or the density is very heavy, knots cannot be bleached effectively.
Bleach knots are recommended to clients who like feather light lace designs and order medium to light density.

unbleached knots

bleached knots 

2. Cutting scallop
Scalloped edges can you to avoid straight and stiff hairlines. If the base material on the front is poly or fine welded mono, it is good choice because in does not fade.
However, it is unavailable if base material on the front is French lace, Swiss lace, super thin skin or silicon base.

unscalloped front

scalloped front

3. Single hair single knot and gradual density
Some customers request very heavy density even on the front hairline, as they think high volume hair can cover the base edges completely.
Actually, that's wrong. Hairpieces needs hairlines with density that decreases gradually. It is better to knot one hair per knot.
For base designs with French lace or welded mono on the front, we always do this if density on the front is not very heavy.
For base designs with super thin skin on the front, hair is usually V-looped to the area of 1/8 or 1/4 inch at the very front edge. These are invisible.

gradual hairline

4. Adding under-ventilation hair
Under-ventilation hair is ventilating hair to the opposite side of base along front base edge. This is another way to decrease visibility. It is used on poly edge or folded edge systems.
If you like brush back hair style we don't recommend this method, the under-ventilation hair always splits from hair brushed back due to opposite hair knotting direction.

no under ventilation hairunder ventilation hair


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