How Long Does a Hair System Last?


How Long Does a Hair System Last?

When considering a Men’s Hair System as a solution to hair loss and a receding hairline, you will want to know how often when you will need to change your hairpiece toupee.

If you want to know how long you can wear your male hair unit before you will need to replace it, and how many hair replacement systems you will need to purchase per year, then read on!


Hair System Lifespan

Different base systems have different average life spans. In general skin hair systems, due to their nature are extremely delicate. They are incredibly realistic and last between 2-6 months. Lace hair toupees and NPU hairpieces last even longer and sewing in clips can mean they last even longer


How long does a hair system last?

0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair systems and Swiss lace hair systems

1-2 months

0.06-0.08mm super thin skin hair systems and French lace hair systems

2-4 months

0.10-0.15mm thin skin hair systems and mono(filament) hair systems

4-6 months

NPU (a thicker kind of poly) hair systems

6+ months



How Can I make my Hair System Last Longer?

We advise you to take good care of it by planning activities that are taxing your hair just before you switch out your new hair toupee. You can also wash it less frequently whilst wearing a shower cap if you are not in a hot climate and do not experience excessive sweat. Finally, don’t forget, sewing in clips can make your unit last even longer!

By the way! We made a full blog post on extending the life of your toupee hair replacement system that you can read here.

Taking good care of your hair toupee will extend it so far, you will still need to switch to a fresh piece periodically. Below we have tips on how to save on your non-surgical hair replacement.


How to save on your hair system purchases

Now you know the number of hair systems you will need to buy per year, you can take advantage of buying a few hairpiece toupees at a time to save yourself some $$$. You can also take advantage of seasonal sales to bulk buy your toupee hair replacement system.

Did you know? The UTS super thin skin hair replacement system is available to buy in a six-piece bundle, at $183 per unit!



men's toupee

Buy the Ultra Thin Skin V-looped hair replacement system for men

How often do you switch your hair system out? Let us know in the comments below or come and join our Facebook support group to connect with other hair system wearers!


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