Hair Length of Toupees for Men


Hair length of  toupees for men are usually  3 inches-30 inches.  Some wearers would like a hair length of 2 inches . We are sorry but this is too hard for us to make pieces less than 3 inches.  We suggest to make the hair length which is longer than 3 inches.  3 inches is a shortest hair length for all the hair systems.

Hair length usually affects the price of the toupee.  If a toupee is not longer than 6 inches (3 inches to 6 inches)  the price is almost the same, there is no any extra charge for hair length. If you would like it longer than 6 inches, we will charge customers extra.  The longer hair length can be made within 8"-30". The longer hair length, the higher the price.

Clients can also ask for a longer hair length than they require. For example, if a clients' desired hair length is 5", they can order a 6" hair length. After the toupee completed and shipped, the customer can cut it to 5" by themselves.



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