Frontal Shape of Custom Hair Replacements


The frontal shape is very important for a custom hairpiece. If it fits well, the effect is very natural, as if it is your own hair. As you see on the street, different people have different frontal shapes. Some people's forntal shape is sharp and some are flat. For a custom hair replacement, how do you describe your frontal shape? We'll show you how.

There are six kinds of frontal shapes for custom hair replacement,  "A", "AA", "B", "BB", "C" and "CC".  "A" is the sharpest and "C" the most flat. "A" and "CC" are two most popular kinds of frontal shapes. Check out the pictures below:


Frontal shapes are different because of age and gender. For men, the frontal shape is sharper, like "A" and "CC". For women, the frontal shape is flatter, like "C".  Meanwhile, the frontal shape is sharper as the age grows. Older people have sharper frontal shapes and younger people have flatter one. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, for example, the frontal shape of some young people is sharp.

If these six kinds of frontal shape don't fit you. You can also send your own template to us.



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