Why use Synthetic Grey Hair?


To create a realistic hair replacement system, sometimes we need to add some grey hair, depending on your hair color and age. As we all know it is better to use human hair rather than synthetic hair for hair systems, but grey hair is an exception.

So why use synthetic grey hair?

Synthetic hair is color stable so it cannot be dyed easily. When you have a percentage of grey hair mixed with your base color, the grey synthetic hair remains grey as time goes on. After a period of time, your base color may fade so you may need to re-dye your hair system. In this case, the synthetic grey hair will not be dyed into the base color. So you can just dye the whole system and the grey hair will not change color. This makes the use of synthetic grey hair very convenient. On the contrary, if you choose human grey hair, the grey may gradually change color and will be not as grey as before.

While we recommend the option of synthetic grey hair, it still all depends on personal your preference.


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