What are Bleach Knots?


New hair replacement wearers may not know what are bleach knots, here we explain it to you.

When knotting the hair on the base, there will be a knot on every single strand of hair. When the hair color is dark, the knots are obvious which makes the system detectable. If you don’t like the dark knots on your system, then bleach knots can help you out. After knotting we brush a layer of bleach liquid which can remove the dark color of the knots on the base, a few minute later, the knots will turn light after washing. So bleach knots really help to create an undetectable hair replacement system. But at the same time, bleach knots also reduce the lifespan of the hair because it is a chemical treatment. So if you value durability more than undetectablity, you’d better not choose bleach knots. Of course we can also customize the area bleached as per your requirements. For example, you can bleach knots only at front or at the parting and crown area. It just depends on your needs.

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