Extenda-Bond Plus Tape


Summer is coming in most countries now, hair replacement wearers will face a same problem: tapes falls off easily due to frequently sweating and swimming. Here we recommend a stronger tape which is also breathable.

This kind of tape has a long durability which can lastabout 4 weeks when the weather is cool and if you don’t swim a lot. However even when the summer comes and wearers usually sweat a lot, the tape can also lastabout 2 weeks.

There is another advantage of this tape, it is breathable! Look at the small holes on the tape, it is a special design to allow the heat escape from your scalp.

It is also economical because the price is $1 for one piece. There are 100 pieces in one box, but you don’t need to buy a whole box at a time, just order the quantities as your need. 


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