Common Knotting Method on Skin Base


In this blog we will introduce four kinds of knotting methods which are commonly used on skin base hair toupees.

They are: V-Loop, Flat Inject, Lift Inject and Knots. Please see the following picture. You can easily tell the difference between them.

The V-Loop method can be used on skin as thin as 0.03mm (which is the thinnest skin we offer). As it is knotless, it creates an undetectable hair toupee. With this method, hairs can also easily combed in any direction you like.

Flat inject can be used on 0.08mm~0.10mm thin skin hair toupees. It looks like the hairs are growing out of your own scalp. But since it is flat inject, hairs cannot be styled in other directions.

Lift inject can only be used with skin above 0.10mm in thickness. The base of these hair toupees are a little bit thick but the hairs are really undetectable like our own hair. It can also be styled to the direction you need.

Knots can be used on skin above 0.04mm in thickness. It is the most durable knotting method on skin bases. Please remember that there will be knots on the base which cannot be bleached because bleach knots are unavailable on skin base.

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