Some customers prefer synthetic hair when they order a mens toupee. While we make natural hair toupees, we also make synthetic hair systems. We want to tell you a little more about synthetic hair to dispell the myth that it is cheap, low quality or otherwise a bad choice for wearers. Synthetic hair has some real benefits.

1. The knots of synthetic hair do not easily loosen. Synthetic hair can be made with single knots, because synthetic hair is not as smooth as human hair making it difficult to loosen. A Single knot will be strong enough for synthetic hair. 

2. Kanekalon synthetic hair maintains wave curls very well. Its often difficult to make small curls with human hair, but with synthetic hair, it can be curled to a smaller wave & curl than human hair. Customers looking for small tight curls like afro and do not mind the hair type, should consider synthetic as a good choice.

3.The hair color of synthetic hair doesn't fade much at all.  The color will remain the same, which is a major reason why customers choose synthetic hair instead of human hair. 

Hope this information was helpful!


About Lordhair

Lordhair designs hair replacement systems that deliver a hyper-realistic look along with high breathability, durability, and comfort. Our hair recovery products are widely used by men as well as women and shipped to 100+ countries to support recovery from baldness.

Having spent over a decade mastering the art of creating hair systems and wigs using 100% human hair, we have built a huge catalog of nonsurgical hair replacement products that are widely popular in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

From partial hairpieces to medical wigs for men, our catalog has almost everything. Shop realistic men’s wigs from or email us on to discuss your queries!