About Our Integration Systems


Our Integration System is designed for women who have thinning hair and want to improve its appearance. Wearing an integration system means you don’t need to shave off your own hair. In order to make your hair system look more natural you  pull your own hair through the net. The size of the net depends on your own hair density. We recommend that the thinner your hair is the finer the net and visa versa. You fix the hair system to your head using clips sewn into the skin perimeter or braiding your own hair into the system.

There are different kinds of construction to choose from: PE line with skin perimeter, Hand-Knit PE Line, PE Line with Parting, PE Line with Mono Top or Front. Different styles have different characteristics. The Hand-Knit PE Line is stronger than the PE line with skin perimeter. The holes of hand-knit PE line integration are usually bigger than the normal PE line integration. If you are interested in the Integration System please look at the detailed information on our website to select one you like.  


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