Most people choose human grey hair or synthetic grey hair when grey hair is needed. Human grey hair and synthetic grey hair have their own pros and cons. Human grey hair is natural hair, abd treated like your own hair. The downside is that it tends to go yellowish over time. If you dye the hair, it will also change color. Synthetic grey hair won’t go yellowish and can't be colored, but it cannot be blown dry at a high temperature. However, there is now a third choice, Yak hair.


Yak hair looks like natural human grey hair, only a little whiter. It does not easily discolor. You can treat it like human hair, blow dry, dye, or curl as you like. Yak hair has some cons. It’s a little bit shinier and thicker than real human hair. If you need very thin grey hair then Yak hair may not be a good choice.


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