Celebrities with all their money and influence are not immune to hair loss & baldness. Hollywood actors and celebs experiment with all kinds of ideas to hide their hair flaws, be it thinning hair, baldness problem, or medicinal hairfall. Lordhair is here to introduce you to 15 male celebrities who have been battling hair loss and baldness for a long time now.


Without further ado, here is the list of 15 male celebrities with hair loss and baldness:


1. Charlie Sheen

The actor known for his comic timing, on screen presence and rich lifestyle is loved by everyone. He always appears as a perfect man in front of the world, but having so many cameras pointing towards you, flaws often get captured. There were so many pictures of this hollywood actor, Charlie Sheen that show different hairstyle every single day which was an obvious indication that the hair was not real. Rumors are out that he wears toupees to hide his declining hairline and thin hair. Check out the hair loss of this global male celebrity.

actors with hair loss


2. Ben Affleck

Hollywood’s ultimate talent, Ben Affleck, gave us remarkable movies like Triple Frontier, Justice League, and The Accountant. Unlike his success, his hair doesn't seem to be long-lasting. The Paparazzi often caught him flaunting hairstyles perfect for men losing hair. The grey, receding hairline and bald patches on his head were visible for quite some time. Recently, the news came that the Hollywood celebrity underwent hair transplant to recover his youthful look.

Hollywood celebs with hair loss


3. Matthew McConaughey

The man with charm cannot be imagined without hair. But what if the hair loss of Matthew is a reality? This American actor with huge fan following shocked everyone when he started showing the symptoms of male pattern baldness. But for a huge hollywood star like Matthew McConaughey, baldness was a big NO and the Hollywood actor probably went under the knife to claim back what was lost.

 Balding celebrities


4. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, who stole millions of hearts in Twilight, himself  said in an interview that he wore a hairpiece in the final Twilight film. This hollywood celeb with baldness said that his requirement of having perfect hair lead him to over styling and bleaching which turned out to be a big loss for his head. Now you know what not to do with your hair!

Celebrities with hair loss


5. Chuck Norris

American martial artist and actor, Chuck Norris, started appearing on screen with his male pattern baldness symptoms. It is a widely accepted fact that he wear wigs to cover his head. This balding celebrity earned a lot of success in his era but seems like with his era, hair are also gone. It would only be fair to blame his age for this but the fact is that he is one of the biggest Hollywood celebrity to struggle with baldness.

actors with hair loss


6. Jude Law

David Jude Heyworth Law is well known for his roles in successful movies like Captain Marvel and The Holiday. Although his talent in acting is remarkable and the whole Hollywood swears by it, the topic of his baldness has been in discussion more than his acting. With that receding hairline and thinning hair, his head is going bald but Jude Law knows how to embrace his baldness too as he never showed any concern of hiding it.

Hollywood celebs with hair loss


7. John Travolta

Do we even need to introduce this legend to you who himself said that he's keeping his bald head and it 'feels great'. His style of carrying himself has always been awesome. In fact, at the start of 2019, he posted his picture on Instagram about his 'new look' embracing his baldness. Having a bald head is great if you can pull it off and having no hair doesn’t curb your confidence. If it does, well, it’s completely fine to wear a realistic skin hair system.

Balding celebrities


8. Daniel Craig

After giving spectacular movies like Skyfall, Spectre, and upcoming Bond 25, he is in the list of one of the most successful and talented actors of all time. His acting career clearly cannot be disturbed by anything, be it his male pattern baldness or anything else. With time, we saw his receding hairline. His side hair however are in a good condition but the baldness is still clearly visible on the head of this hollywood celebrity.

actors with hair loss


9. Jon Cryer

Who doesn't know Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men who made us laugh until we cried. The American actor and television director confessed on one of his interviews that he wears wigs and hair system to hide his baldness during public appearances and roles for his tv and films. He discussed his follicular situation during an interview which is something brave!

Hollywood celebs with hair loss


10. Jason Alexander

Jason is a very famous Voice actor, singer, comedian, and director best known for portraying the role of George Louis Costanza on the comedy show, Seinfeld. His very initial and noticeable baldness appeared at the age of just 30 years. For many years, this Hollywood artist did his public appearances with his bald hair until at the age of 54. He started using hair pieces at the age of mid-50s.

actors with hair loss


11. Kevin James

Kevin George Knipfing who is known for his screen name as Kevin James never fails to make us all laugh with his acting skills. Rumors were out about this Hollywood actor’s hair loss during the making of one of his movies, King and Queen. He is said to be wearing wigs and toupees for the shoot of his film. Even after the shoot, his public appearances showed his thin hair with the short hair cut.

Hollywood celebs with hair loss


12. Jeremy Piven

Having millions of fans of his acting and his charming personality, Jeremy Piven grew from supporting comedian in shows like Ellen and Seinfeld to the main lead roles in series like Entourage. He has always shown himself on screen with his signature look of receding hairline and short haircut, knowing that his 'signature look' was actually his baldness.

actors with hair loss


13. Brendan Fraser

When 'The Mummy' came out, Brendan Fraser gained a lot of attention for his shiny long hair. But it turned out that appreciation couldn’t hold for long. Call it age factor or genetics, the Hollywood star lost his hair after his mid-40s. His losing hair was a shock for his fans who are used to look him with those thick hair on his head. We are very sorry for the hair loss :(

Balding celebrities


14. Jay Leno

Now, this case is a bit different. For a man who is living his 60s, it is quite impossible to have perfect hair all over his head. Jay Leno’s baldness was discovered  when the camera captured him wearing a headpiece during one of his shoots. Turns out, he was covering his baldness with wigs and toupees that were totally unnoticeable, just like Lordhair’s range of 100% human hair wigs

Celebrities with hair loss


15. Nicolas Cage

The Oscar winning actor, Nicolas Cage, is known for his balding head. His baldness is one more case of male pattern hair loss in Hollywood. The bald patch of his head is so clear that some of those images got viral and were shared widely on social media. Cut the dashing actor some flak, guys. At the end of the day, he is just a man showing tendencies of ripe age.

actors with hair loss


Mr. Cage concludes our list of balding Hollywood celebrities!


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